2-in-1 Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp & Lawn Light SK-SX-12


This stainless steel waterproof solar lamp is a mosquito killer cum lawn light. Select white light to light up your lawn or UV purple light to attract and kill mosquitoes. It emits 365nm purple UV light wave to attract the mosquitoes. Double layer of high voltage grid wire to zap mosquitoes. When it is fully charged, it can last 5-7 days for UV light and 3-4 days for white light. The lamp has an intelligent light sensor to automatically switch on in the evenings and off in the mornings.



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More Information

Model: SK-SX-12
Power: 15W
Solar panel: 2.5W
Light source: 4 purple UV, 9 white LED
Battery: 3.2v 4000mAh
Battery life: UV light: 5-7 days / White light: 3-4 days
Height above ground: 80cm
Cover area: 100-200sqm
Installation: Spike 30cm (for grass patch) or screws (for cement floor)
Warranty: 6 months on product defects

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