25pcs Vacuum Bag for Vacuum Sealer Pump


Freezer safe, microwave safe
Easy open/close for washing
Durable and reusable
Label for writing notes
Air-tight, can be microwaved, boiled or frozen
Food grade PA + PE material
Suitable for dry food, meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, jewellery, document


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Benefits of vacuum sealing:
1. Keep food fresh & retain flavour longer
2. Reduce food waste
3. Save money
4. Save space
5. Keep things clean

How to use:
1. Fill and seal the vacuum bag completely.
2. Press the vacuum sealer suction tip flat on the air valve, then press the ON button.
3. Do not remove the blue air valve label.
4. When finished, press the air valve with fingers to make sure no gap.

This is a pack of 25 vacuum bags which include:
1. 10pcs of 22 x 21cm
2. 10pcs of 22 x 34cm
3. 5pcs of 30 x 34cm

Vacuum sealer is sold separately.

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